10 Amazing Places for Dolphin Watching in Portugal

Dec 7, 2022 | Activities

Dolphin watching Portugal

Dolphin watching in Portugal? If you are planning a trip and you would like to see dolphins in their natural habitat, Portugal is one of the most privileged countries in Europe in terms of marine life.

Dolphins can be seen in several places in Portugal, these majestic and friendly animals that impress us with their acrobatics, are very common in Portugal, and the best option to see them is through watching tours.

If you are a marine life lover, in this article we show you the best 10 places for dolphin watching in Portugal.

Dolphin Watching in Portugal – 10 Places

– Madeira Island

dolphin watching in portugal

Undoubtedly, Madeira Island is a tropical paradise located in the Atlantic Ocean. With regard to marine life, it offers unique opportunities to discover and see dolphins, as the geographical location of the archipelago favours their sighting at any time of the year. Dolphin Watching on Madeira Island is one of the most common activities.

Usually, dolphin-watching tours last 2-3 hours and include a stop to swim and relax. Some of the species that you can see are:

– The common dolphin.

– Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

– Atlantic spotted dolphin.

Madeira Island is one of the best places to see dolphins, whales and other cetaceans in Portugal.  If you are looking for a wonderful experience, Madeira offers you the best dolphin-watching tours.

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– Setubal

A photo of setubal

Setubal is a Portuguese city, located less than 46km south of the capital (Lisbon), in this city you can find the “Estuario do Sado”, where a community of dolphins are installed.

The Sado Estuário and the Arrabida nature reserve have established a wonderful community of dolphins in Setubal´s bay. Also, you will find a family of around 27 dolphins identified by biologists.

– Azores

Dolphin watchin in Portugal Azores

The Azores has a wonderful location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, just like Madeira Island, and is one of the main cetacean migration routes and one of the best places in the world to see dolphins in their natural habitat. It also has one of the largest cetacean sanctuaries in the world.

In the Azores you can find several companies that offer tours with guaranteed dolphin watching, the activities are always carried out with respect for animals and the environment and in the company of a professional team of biologists.

– Faro

Dolphin Watching in Portugal Faro

In Faro, it´s possible to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, accompanied by a guide and local expert, who during the tours will identify the different species of dolphins that exist, making your trip unforgettable.

Some of the most common species are the Bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin and striped dolphin.

– Nazare

Nazare Portugal

Recognized worldwide for its giant waves, Nazare, with an incredible landscape, offers one of Portugal’s best dolphin-watching experiences. You cannot miss this unique experience that you can live on Nazare´s coast.

The best part of watching dolphins in their natural habitat is being able to see and hear them when they are approaching, so recommendations are always given to enjoy the best experience.

– Albufeira

Albufeira Portugal

Albufeira is a coastal city located in the Algarve region and has one of the largest natural coastal reefs in Portugal, which benefits from unique natural conditions in terms of habitats and marine biodiversity. Therefore, it has splendid boat trips that include dolphin watching.

– Sagres

sagres Portugal

Sagres is a Portuguese village in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, located at one end of the Western Algarve. In this wonderful village, you can find a variety of marine life, as it is a privileged area. Boat trips to watch dolphins are very common due to their privileged location.

– Rio Tejo

Rio tejo

In Rio Tejo, it is possible to see dolphins that enter to feed, as a family of dolphins has frequented this place, so it is usual to observe them near the fort of “São Julião”.

– Sesimbra


A Portuguese village and one of the best beach resorts in Portugal located in the wonderful bay of sand extended in the hills of “Serra da Arrabida”.

Sesimbra is one of the best places to see dolphins in their natural habitat. On the tours, you can observe several types of dolphins.

– Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that enchants a good climate that is almost always present and the unique beauty and architectural singularities. Also, Lisbon offers expeditions guided by marine biologists, who intend to make known some of the vast biodiversity that is found there, therefore, it is widespread to find dolphin sighting tours in Lisbon, as they are very recurrent.


Visiting some of these places will be a unique and unparalleled experience, don’t miss the opportunity to spot dolphins while discovering wonderful places in Portugal that have much more to offer in addition to marine life and its boat trips.

If you want to know more about marine life in Portugal read our article! Whale Watching in Portugal.



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