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Boat Tours in Madeira Island

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Whales & Dolphin watching Boat Tour with Bonita da Madeira

Whales & Dolphins Watching Boat Tour

Monday, Thursday & Sunday
10.30 – 13.30 / 15.00 – 18.00

From: 35€/per person

Desertas Islands Boat Tours

Wednesday & Saturday
09.30 – 18.00

From: 85€/per person

Beautiful Bays Boat Tour

Beautiful Bays
Boat Tour

Tuesday & Friday
10.00 – 17.00

From: 55€/per person
New Year´s Eve in Madeira

Reveillon 2024 / 2025

31 December 2024
22:15 – 00:00

From: 145€/per person

Madeira Atlantic Festival

To be announced later
21:30 – 23:00

From: -€/per person

*Winter time / **Summertime
Boat Tours in Madeira Island

Why experience the sea of Madeira Island?

Genuine Wooden Gulet, with an experienced crew.

Experience the advantages of booking a Boat Tour in Madeira Island: unrivaled views of the coastline, intimate encounters with marine life, access to hidden gems, personalized experiences, and unforgettable sunsets. Discover the unmatched beauty of Madeira from the water, connect with nature, and create lasting memories. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure that offers a unique perspective of the island’s wonders.

Unparalleled Views

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A boat tour provides a unique vantage point to admire the island’s stunning coastline. Marvel at the rugged cliffs, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches as you glide along the crystal-clear waters. Capture breathtaking photos and appreciate the unmatched beauty of Madeira from a perspective that cannot be replicated on land.

Intimate Encounters with Marine Life

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Set sail on a Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour and witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Experience the thrill of spotting dolphins playfully leaping through the waves or majestic whales gracefully swimming alongside the boat. It’s a rare opportunity to connect with the marine world and gain a deeper appreciation for the island’s rich biodiversity.

Access to Hidden Gems

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With a Boat Tour, you can explore secluded coves, hidden caves, and remote islands that are inaccessible by land. Discover the unspoiled beauty of places like Desertas Islands, home to rare wildlife and stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of these untouched paradises and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Personalized Experiences

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Boat Tours often offer smaller group sizes, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience. Interact with knowledgeable guides who will share fascinating insights about the island’s history, culture, and marine life. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your tour to your preferences, making it a truly unforgettable adventure.

Bonita da Madeira

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“Top Adresse, super Crew!”
by: karl-herbert tichy
“Fantastic experience saw pilot whales and a large school of dolphins omg unforgettable”
by: Barbara Mason
“Nice boat, friendly crew. Price of the trip to high for the service, mainly meal not so good, rice with chicken! Few more details to be written to company.”
by: Luis Felicio
“Nice boat, friendly crew. Price of the trip to high for the service, mainly meal not so good, rice with chicken! Few more details to be written to company.”
by: Luis Felicio
“Lovely staff, lovely tour!”
by: Rianne van Velzen
“Very nice tour with friendly guides!”
by: Rieko Schuur

Bonita da Madeira

Experience The Madeira Island Ocean Like Never Before

Come discover and enjoy the crystal blue ocean and beautiful bays of Madeira Insland.

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