Explore the Culture of Porto Santo at the 2023 Colombo Festival

Jan 13, 2023 | Activities

Colombo festival in porto santo

Colombo Festival is an annual event that takes place on Porto Santo Island from September 21st to 24th, in the Madeira Archipelago, and aims to honour Christopher Columbus, the famous navigator who lived on the island for a period of his life. The Madeira News Company organizes the festival and includes activities such as recreating a 16th-century market to mark Columbus´s arrival on the island, dramatizations, performances, acrobatics and juggling in the streets of the city, a craft market, themed exhibitions, street parades, circus arts, theatre, music, and 16th-century dances. Local students and teachers also participate in the event, which begins with Columbus’ arrival on the island, greeted by a medieval market.

Colombo Festival in Porto santo island

Photo by VisitMadeira

During the Colombo Festival, participants can learn more about the time when Columbus lived on the island of Porto Santo, as well as about his experiences and the epic of the Portuguese Discoveries. In addition, the event creates a unique and magical atmosphere, mixing the clothes of the time with those of the visitors and ensuring constant animation among the various characteristic figures of the time. All of this provides an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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