Madeira Island Carnival 2023 – A Wonderful Festival

Dec 29, 2022 | Activities

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Madeira Carnival is a highly anticipated annual event that takes place on the beautiful island of Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its vibrant and colourful celebrations, the carnival attracts visitors from all over the world who come to observe the joyous festivities.

The carnival of Madeira island is a celebration of life and joy, with people of all ages taking to the streets in elaborate costumes, dancing and singing to the rhythm of traditional music. In addition to the lively parades and performances, the carnival also features food stalls offering a variety of local delicacies and carnival-themed events and activities for all to enjoy.

Madeira Carnival 2023 – Program

-From February 15th to 26th

Diverse entertainment in the downtown area of Funchal

During the Madeira Carnival, the city of Funchal transforms into a vibrant and lively hub of activity, with the streets filled with the sound of music and the energy of performances. The epicentre of this celebration is Avenida Arriaga, which is particularly vibrant and full of life during the carnival. This central street is the site of numerous street entertainment initiatives, including music, shows, and various performances, all of which contribute to the festive spirit among tourists and residents.

In addition to the street entertainment, there are also several competitions and events held during the carnival. One such event is the costume contest, where participants can show off their creative and elaborate costumes.

-On February 17th

Solidarity Carnival and Children’s Carnival

One of the most enjoyable traditions of the Madeira Carnival is dressing up in costumes, especially for children. On February 17th, parents, teachers, and children come together to create costumes for the school’s Carnival party. Afterwards, they all gather on Avenida Arriaga, one of the main avenues in the city, to show off their costumes and participate in the celebration. The Children’s Carnival is an integral part of the Madeira Carnival, as it gives young ones the opportunity to participate in the festivities and display their costumes.

-On February 18th

Grand Allegorical Parade

The Grand Allegorical Parade is a must-see event that takes place annually in Madeira on February 18th as part of the carnival celebrations. This festive parade features elaborate floats adorned with decorations and performers dressed in stunning costumes, and it begins in downtown Funchal before winding its way through the city streets to the Praça do Município for a grand finale. In addition to the floats and costumes, the parade also includes live music, dancing, and street performances, making it a lively and entertaining celebration that attracts thousands of spectators every year. If you’re in Madeira during carnival season, be sure not to miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience.

-On February 21st

Goofy Parade

The “Cortejo Trapalhão,” also known as the Goofy Parade, is an annual event held on February 21st as part of the carnival celebrations in Madeira. This fun and light-hearted parade features comical floats and performers dressed in humorous costumes, and it is a popular event among both locals and tourists who are looking for a break from the more formal and traditional parades that take place during carnival season. The Goofy Parade starts in downtown Funchal and ends at the Praça do Município, and in addition to the floats and costumes, it also includes live music, dancing, and street performances. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages to come together and have a good time during the joyous carnival season.


If you’re considering a trip to Madeira, make sure to include the carnival in Funchal on your itinerary. This unique and unforgettable experience should not be missed if you’re visiting the island during this time. Madeira’s Carnival is a celebration of life and joy that brings people of all ages together in a spirit of unity and inclusivity. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to participate in this festive and joyous celebration.

If you want to experience more on the island, taking a boat trip is an excellent way to experience the beauty and diversity of the island. A boat trip is the perfect way to see all of these sights and more, and it allows you to enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of being out on the water.

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