2023 Classics at Magnolia: A Journey through Automotive History

Jan 5, 2023 | Activities

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Magnolia Classics event in Madeira island, held on July 29th and 30th, brings together culture and entertainment by displaying a selection of classic cars privately owned by local collectors. Figures dressed in classic-era clothing will join these globally recognized vintage vehicles, immersing visitors in the past. Do not miss this unique opportunity to view and experience these timeless treasures.

Exploring the Classics: An Interactive Experience at the Magnolia Classics Event

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore a range of classic vehicles and learn more about them through QR codes that could be scanned with a smartphone. These codes provided detailed information about the vehicles, including their history and context on the island. In addition to the main exhibition, there was also a parts fair where visitors could buy classic car parts and other items related to the world of classic vehicles. The fair provided collectors with a chance to find rare or hard-to-find parts, and also included the sale of themed books and clothing. Overall, the Classics at Magnolia event offered a unique combination of cultural, educational, and recreational elements, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.


Magnolia Classics has seen great success thanks to its blend of cultural, recreational, and educational offerings. Classic vehicles are on display, and visitors can also interact with costumed figures and participate in activities that transport them back in time. In addition, the museum aspect and parts fair provide opportunities for visitors to learn more and discover rare items. All in all, the Classics at Magnolia offers a truly unique and memorable experience for all.

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